Harmonisation in the Road Transport sector

Component 1 will support the development of safe, efficient and cross-border road freight transport by helping partner countries to implement RTAP Actions 8, 9 and 10. It consists of provision of technical assistance, exchange of best practices, training and analytical work, according to the activities’ plan as it developed and detailed annually by the project Team in close cooperation with the Partner countries and the Contracting Authority.

Component 1 is deployed around two sub-components:

  • Sub-component 1A: International land transport haulage (linked to RTAP Action 8)
    This sub-component aims at assisting Partner countries accede to and implementing the UNECE transport Agreements and Conventions (hereafter called as Legal instruments) to facilitate regional trade as well as exchanges with Europe. This activity is the continuation of the work done under EuroMed RRU Project, with emphasis placed on the importance of these legal instruments; support accession and implementation; encourage and support participation to selected UNECE meetings and organize of study tour(s) of good practices.
  • Sub-component 1B: Efficient and safe land transport systems (linked to RTAP Actions 8 and 10).
    This sub-component aims at helping EuroMed Partner countries implement the road related aspects of RTAP Action 8 and 10: safety and professionalism of the road freight transport sector. It refers to assisting regulatory reforms and convergence, promoting cross-border transport and international haulage in the region. It is also aimed at defining relevant National Strategies capable of improving land transport as a whole.


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