Urban Transport

Component 2 aims at helping Partner countries implement the RTAP Action 11 on urban transport, notably the development of efficient public transport solutions through maximising accessibility and quality of life of urban areas, and assure high-quality and sustainable mobility for passenger and trade, through and within the urban area.

Component 2 is deployed around two sub-components:

  • Sub-component 2A: Participation in CIVITAS network and promotion of the measures of the EU Action Plan on Urban Mobility
    Urban areas are characterized by a relatively high percentage of CO2 emissions, a relatively high percentage of road accidents as well as GDP loss because of urban congestion. Therefore, it is a real challenge to maintain and improve an effective and efficient urban transport system that meets the needs of citizens, businesses and industry. The EU Action Plan on Urban Mobility and the CIVITAS initiative support overcoming of these challenges. The present sub-component will provide TA and support the South Mediterranean countries extend (where possible) these EU initiatives and their principles. It also provides organization of workshops, events and TA missions. When relevant, medium size cities are targeted in Partner countries as they benefit less from EC and international support compared to capital cities.
  • Sub-component 2B: Support to improving efficient fleet management
    This sub-component addresses an issue which involves both the local authorities and the service providers themselves. It aims at helping local authorities and public transport operators improve urban transport by making better use of existing infrastructure and equipment and by advising on the investment in any new one. Assistance is provided to increase the capacity of efficient fleet management, especially for bus and taxi companies. These companies will be supported to implement innovative systems which will enhance the quality of the services offered to the population.



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