Synergies and exchange of information

  • North-South and South-South sharing of experiences is promoted since dissemination of knowledge and sharing of good practice, especially from the same region, is regarded as the best way for making things advance
  • Working through existing partnerships at national, regional and international cooperation programmes and institutions as well as on past, ongoing relevant or parallel projects and initiatives, strengthening or establishing new partnerships with key road and urban transport stakeholders
  • Communication of the projects’ results and visibility is essential for its success: Dissemination of results and information of the society, creating awareness of the benefits from the project actions
  • Interaction with other projects, programmes or EU initiatives: Coordination with EIB under Logismed and CETMO on Hard (Infrastructure) and Soft (Training) aspects being implemented till 2020 and urgent contact with Logismed Contractors as well as CETMO. DG MOVE would be the coordination centre for such collaboration, and will request the other projects to share activities with the ETSP
  • Cooperation with international and regional organizations: Operational partnerships with regional and international organizations, already established under EuroMed RRU, will be continued and further strengthened, while new ones are sought, aimed at creating synergies and ensuring the project’s sustainability and efficiency. Development of direct collaboration between the Partner countries and such organizations is encouraged by the project. These partnerships will also aim at complementing relevant national and regional initiatives and projects, in particular with ENP South bilateral cooperation programmes


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