Other RTAP activities

Component 3 offer partner countries the possibility to request TA activities in any other domain covered by the RTAP, as long as those activities are or will not be covered by another EuroMed Transport TA project. Activities on ports’ efficiency and supporting sustainable and multimodal transport solutions will be particularly encouraged.

Component 3 consists of the following sub-component:

  • Sub-component 3.1: Identification of demand driven TA needs of EuroMed Partner countries and implementation
    Based on the proposed actions by the EuroMed partner countries’ National Coordinators, the eligible actions are identified and then their scope, relevance to the RTAP 2014-2020 and possible impact are assessed. Their implementation is subject to the approval by the Contracting Authority
    Proposals will also be considered during the whole project’s life time. Approved activities are integrated in the annual work plans and implemented.
    Pilot activities well fall under this component and, while learning from EU member States is explored under this component, regional added value is important as well as North-South and South-South sharing of experiences.


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