Tunisia: en route to Digital Tachograph implementation

A Workshop on the evaluation of the economic impact of the application of the Digital Tachograph took place in Tunis on 23 and 24 November.

Among the speakers and participants were representatives from the Ministry of Transport, the Technical Agency for Terrestrial Transport, the Traffic Police, the National Guard, the Ministry of Economy, the “Borj Cendria” Tranport and Logistics Vocational Training Center, the National Agency of Legal Metrology.

During the Workshop, Tunisia’s commitment towards improving road safety conditions was reaffirmed and further strengthened through the intention of the application of the Digital Tachograph. “By taking a large technological step forward, with the introduction of the Digital Tachograph in the country, the level of road safety is going to raise, benefitting not only the professionals themselves, but the population as a whole. However, we should carefully consider how and when the implementation should take place, because of the potential impact it can have in the economy of the sector”, stated Mr. Fraj Ali, Director General, Land Transport Directorate, Ministry of Transport, Tunisia.

For this reason, the EuroMed Project supports Tunisia in the elaboration of an Economic Impact Assessment from the implementation of the Digital Tachograph in the country.

The Workshop concluded with the confirmation of the engagement and cooperation of all stakeholders in the country.

The presentation that was done during the Workshop can be found here.


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