EuroMed Transport Support Project exploring city networking opportunities

Members of the EuroMed team of Experts, comprising of the Urban Transport Key Expert, Mr. David Moncholí, Mrs. Marta Marta Sainz, International Projects and Relations Expert and Mr. Spiros Triantafillos, Transport Expert, attended the annual Polis Conference, held in Brussels, Belgium, on 6-7 December 2017.

The EuroMed team of Experts had the opportunity to discuss with members of the Polis Management Committee and exchange views on regional city-networking schemes, the work done by the EuroMed Project and Polis, as well as possible ways of cooperation under Polis Global. The discussions will continue in the next period and more concrete results are expected.

Polis is a network of cities and regions working together to achieve more sustainable urban mobility. The aim is to improve local transport through integrated strategies that address the economic, social and environmental dimensions of transport. To this end, Polis supports the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge between European local and regional authorities and facilitates the dialogue between local and regional authorities and other actors of the sector such as industry, research centres and universities, and NGOs. Currently, 67 cities and regions are members of the network.

The aim of the Polis Conference was to contribute in tackling local challenges through urban transport innovation. The Conference gave the opportunity to more than 500 participants representing numerous cities and regions and a wide range of other transport stakeholders, both public and private, to exchange experiences and views on the present and future of urban mobility, the challenges and relevant innovative ideas and solutions. The 100 presentations, divided into parallel sessions spread over the two days of the event, facilitated the dialogue and highlighted the emergence of technology in urban transport as part of their future.

The presentations delivered during the Polis Conference 2017 can be found here, while the photos can be found here.



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